For all that are interested in the FAANG Stocks.  (For those who have not heard of the term FAANG it refers to: Face Book, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google.)  Just like the Previous page with the Major Market Indices; here are some examples of these charts with the Minor, Actual, and Major Fibonacci Sequence Zones, as well as the Actual Golden Mean Sequence Zone.  I am impressed by the support and resistance with each of these ESPECIALLY the Table 1 (-2 Column), Minor PFn Zones.                                                                                                          
Face Book: FB                                                                                                                                    
        Face Book: FB Monthly Chart since IPO shrunk to show an exaggerated view for a different persepective.               Same chart as previous but stretched to fit window.                   Weekly Chart showing the last few years.                   Daily Chart showing the last few years.        
Amazon: AMZN                                                                                                                                    
        Amazon: AMZN Monthly Chart of the last 8 years.                   Weekly Chart of the last few years                 Daily Chart of the last year or so.                                          
Apple: AAPL